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Michelle was born on the Fraser Coast of Queensland in 1965, she lives in the Fiji Islands. On the cusp of a Fijian sunset, amongst the debris of betrayal, is where Pineapple Rise was born. Pineapple Rise is a platform to encourage women to write their experiences and share them.

The vision is to share our stories which requires us to be brave and in the act of sharing we become more empowered.

The mission is to improve writing skills, encouraging conversation and to foster compassion.

The goal is for emotionally and psychologically healthier lives, so we can raise our children in a brighter future.

Offering a mix of professional services and community engagement for women who have been through it.  


Specifically for women, this forum is to start conversations about things that impact your life. Whether it is in your workplace or your home life, your past, present or future. The hardest conversations to have are the ones that bring us the most healing and growth. Writing is therapeutic and sharing our story inspires others and empowers us to move forward.


Finding others who share similar life experiences brings us closer together as women. Some of the most gracious gifts we can give, as humans, is compassion and understanding. Being brave enough to share requires being vulnerable. Let's applaud those who are brave and offer the understanding and compassion needed.

A collection of short stories from life and imagination.

Under a Fijian sun

Recapturing first impression on a cruise visit to Fiji in 2010.

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Chicken shit wakeup call

A short nap was short lived ending in a series of disasters.

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to quiche or not to quiche

Questions to make the mind boggle.

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Dealing tough love

Confrontation is not always easy but sometimes necessary. A story of drawing boundaries, addressing issues and the emotional reactions for all sides.

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Close encounters with end of life

An unexpected encounter with heart attack.

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not so much a paradise

A quick snapshot of reality vs advertising.

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Rum and other drugs

A short story of the end days of a same sex relationship.

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The Glass Angel

A tale of one woman's breaking point. When boundaries had been crossed for too long and finally too far, this is when she could see through the manipulation and find self love.

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We lead by example

We are all leaders in our own way. We have a responsibility to those we lead.

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Fishing at midnight

At an after-dance gathering of strangers chewing the fat and gossiping, presents an opportunity to stir the pot for the simple purpose of self entertainment.

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Feel free to contribute

A collection of short stories

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  • Lautoka, Western Division, Fiji