18 Jan

The adage we lead by example holds true through generations. 

If a child experiences you manipulating the truth, they will mimic that. If a child sees you throwing litter on the roadway, they will mimic that. Children, from the earliest age, mimic what they see around them. Parents as role models have a bigger role to play than clothe, feed and provide a roof over their heads. The emotional and psychological health of your child (any child) is the foundations for the adults they will become. 

Leadership is a term used frequently in the workplace but it is in every facet of life. The attached image (lifted from FB) gives us a visual image of the traits that make up leadership. The largest being empathy and the second largest being active listening, the third being integrity. Thrown in with a slice of self awareness, three quarters of the pie is covered in those traits alone. 

Have you ever worked in an organisation that does not walk the talk? Have you ever noticed your partner just can't be straight but has to fudge the truth? 

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